Monday 11th March: Avocets & Glaucous Gull

Well, we're back to arctic weather conditions so it was only appropriate that our arctic gull should return in the form of another visit from our star adult GLAUCOUS GULL. He flew in some time between 5:30 and 6pm though initially he wasn't very settled, seeming to take exception to many of the surrounding large gulls.  The gull roost was nice and close this evening though it was rather sunny which made it hard to search through them all and try as I might I couldn't find any Med. Gulls though Nic Hallam had a couple at Farmoor in the roost there.

The six AVOCETS were reported as having gone this morning so it was a pleasant surprise to find them back again this evening. Five were feeding in the middle of the North Channel together with the sixth preferring to be on his own in the South Channel. Other waders included a DUNLIN and three REDSHANKS with a couple of RUFF and 4 RINGED PLOVER being reported this morning by Andy Last.

Gary the Glaucous Gull looking rather splendid

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