Saturday 2nd March: Mediterranean Gull

Jarrod Hadfield writes:

Male STONECHAT between the Perch and the boat yard - presumably the bird from a few days ago. Also, 2 RAVEN, PEREGINE, 2 GREY WAGTAIL, 4 REDSHANK, 5 DUNLIN, 50+ PINTAIL, 4 SHELDUCK & 8 GADWALL.  No sign of the Oystercatchers or Curlew.

In the evening gull roost, which was attended by Jarrod, Peter Law, John Uren, Mrs. Uren & Andy Last, there was a MEDITERRANEAN GULL (the first of the year). Amazingly this puts Port Meadow at the top of the county site leadership board with a stonking 99 birds for the year. This will of course be short lived as Farmoor and Otmoor always end up with far more year ticks than we can ever muster. Still, it does serve to highlight what a good start to the year we have had - we've managed to get all the birds that one could reasonably hope for at this time of year including a clean sweep of all the good gulls (Glaucous, Iceland, Caspian, Yellow-legged, Med.). It's been a team effort so thanks to everyone who's been out looking and reporting back to me. Let's hope for a really good spring passage next.

To celebrate, here's a lovely Med. Gull from last year

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