Tuesday 12th March: Mystery Bird Quiz

It was very chilly down on the Meadow this afternoon though this didn't stop Badger, Two Eyes and Andy Last joining me for my daily gull roost check in the hope that Gary might turn up again - though they were to be disappointed in that respect. Unfortunately, when the floods are frozen the gull roost tends to be rather small and though there were quite a few open pools still, there was also plenty of ice around tonight and very few large gulls. Actually Andy was there to see the AVOCETS and fortunately a couple of them were still around, wading in one of the larger pools. There were also three REDSHANK, a few DUNLIN and a reasonably sized flock of Golden Plover for this time of year. In addition we did hear a CURLEW call briefly once though never saw it. Apart from that there were still quite a few duck around making the most of the open pools but little else of note.

In the absence of much of particular note I'd like to offer up a mystery bird quiz. I reported this as a sleeping Snipe a couple of days ago but at the time I thought that it looked a bit "funny" so I took some video of it. Shortly after that I found the first Avocet and so forgot about it but I happened to look at a photo on someone else's blog tonight and realised that it was in fact something much better than that. Here's a grab of the original footage taken in the mist.

...and to make it a bit easier here's the same shot after I've tweaked it. Can you tell what it is yet?

I'll put the answer in the Comments for you.


  1. It's a Woodcock! Have a look at: http://birdingfrontiers.com/2013/03/12/digiscoping-woodcock/ which the blog I was browsing when I realised what my sleeping bird actually was.

  2. Of course if anyone disagrees with me then do please let me know!

    1. Hi Adam, I think you were right first time. It's sleeping snipe.

    2. I'd be going for Snipe on this one too Adam. You can see pale-edged scaps (including those forming tram lines) and broad-barred tertials too.

  3. Oops! Well, that's me with egg on my face (once again!). I've spoken to Ian at length who's taken me through the photo on a feather by feather basis so that now I know why it is indeed a Snipe and not a Woodcock. Very educational.