Thursday 21st March

Well, the spring equinox is here but there's no sign of spring yet and the cold grey weather continues unabated.  I've been looking out for Sand Martins and Little Ringed Plovers but they're probably (very sensibly) hanging back in warmer climes. All in all it's very quiet at the moment. A flock of SHELDUCK are the most noteworthy birds about at the moment with numbers increasing up to 6 birds this evening. The four Godwits have moved on there are now a couple of RUFF and a single REDSHANK instead. In addition Mary Gregory reported an OYSTERCATCHER a few days ago. Gull numbers are dwindling rapidly now and there's been nothing of note over the last few days.

There have been a lot of SISKINS about over the last few days: I've been seeing and hearing them regularly and along the canal there were quite a few flocks as well. I also had a fly-over REDPOLL yesterday as well.

To cheer us all up here's a reminder of our recent stunning Avocets, 
wonderfully captured by Badger (c)

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