Friday 11th April: Short-eared Owl

It's been rather quiet on the floods over the last couple of days. There have been one or two LITTLE RINGED PLOVER, the OYSTERCATCHER count has gone up to six and there have been one or two pairs of SHELDUCK but that's been about it. Duck numbers are very low now with all the spring Gadwall having moved on and just a few lingering winter ducks left now. There have been remarkably few waders so far passing through on the Meadow and in fact now that I think about it the numbers haven't been that great elsewhere in the county. Let's hope things pick up shortly

The highlight of the last couple of days was a splendid record of a SHORT-EARED OWL that was spotted hunting from 19:00 to 19:40 at the north end of Burgess by John Sutton on Thursday evening. It's always great to get this species on the year list, normally they're autumn or winter reports so this spring record is rather unusual.

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