Sunday 13th April

I went for a run around the patch on Saturday, hoping to find some spring migrant action. In particular I was looking for Redstarts as a number of them were being reported across the country over the last few days. Sadly I found precious little though a single HOUSE MARTIN in amongst the Swallows hawking low over the floods was a nice find: the first for the year on the Patch and I think I'm right in saying the first for the county as well. Apart from that it was just the usual OYSTERCATCHERS and SHELDUCK to report.

On the moth front I managed to find an interesting micro moth outside my house on Friday evening. It looked very similar to a relatively common species but certain difference in the legs and antennae made me think that it might actually be something else and fortunately someone on Bird Forum was able to identify it as Psychoides filicivora. It turns out that this is a very rare micro in the county, in fact there have only been two previous records, both from Marston. The larvae feed on ferns and its gradually spreading through the country via cultivated ferns. We have several ferns in our garden and our house which probably explains why it's turned up here. Anyway, a great local record and another good moth for the Port Meadow area.

Psychoides filicivora - a local micro Mega

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