Wednesday 9th April: Hobby

The Meadow rather feels like it's had a bit of a clear out over the last few days. The rather breezy conditions certainly haven't helped and it's felt distinctly chilly whilst scouring the floods for birds on my late afternoon visits. The two LITTLE RINGED PLOVER are still around but OYSTERCATCHERS are now down to just two pairs and there is just a single pair of SHELDUCK left now. Swallows are now "in" as I've been seeing several every day for the last few days and there has been the occasional Sand Martin accompanying them. On the Warbler front there's nothing new to report though there are plenty of Willow Warblers about singing away. Today there were a couple of Buzzards soaring for the first time over towards Medley Farm and a Skylark was singing up in the Hinterland.

Nick Boyd (whom I met for the first time on Friday when he found the Wheatear) visited this evening when he managed to turn up an immature HOBBY (a year tick) as well as a juvenile ICELAND GULL in the roost.

A great photo of a Little Ringed Plover taken by Roger Wyatt (c)

There's been no sign of Winifred who's done the decent thing and departed, adding to her credentials as a wild bird

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