Friday 25th April

The rainy conditions have rather put a damper on the Meadow birding over the last few days though it has meant that at least the flood waters are nicely topped up. Birds of note over the last couple of days have included the usual OYSTERCATCHERS, the two SHELDUCK, a sprinkling of RINGED PLOVER, LITTLE RINGED PLOVER and DUNLIN and a single BLACK-TAILED GODWIT. There have been a few YELLOW WAGTAIL about and a pair of COMMON TERN have been hanging out on the flood water, looking very much at home. Burgess Field has been very quiet with just the usual warblers in the usual places. 

Talking of warblers, the only two that we still need that we would normally expect are Grasshopper Warbler and Sedge Warbler. The former I have trouble hearing these days unless its quite close so I'm rather relying on some younger ears to find one on the Patch. As far as Sedge Warbler is concerned, I'm just hoping that I stumble across one as it passes through - they don't seem to be interested in breeding on the Patch at all.

Our visiting Black-tailed Godwit has a lovely spangly back as it undergoes its spring moult.

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