Sunday 22nd May Spoonbill!

I've been predicting a SPOONBILL on the Meadow for several weeks now and today we finally got one. They tend not to hang around for very long (I think that there's too much disturbance on the Meadow in general) and it's often just one observer who sees them (usually just me!). Well, today's bird was very much a single observer sighting though this time the lucky person was Tom Evans who saw one flying over the Trap Grounds at 8 a.m. this morning. He kindly gave me a call so I hurried over to the floods to see if it had landed there but sadly there was no sign of it. The floods do look perfect for one at present (and are in fact a little too full for waders just now) so you never know we may get a return visit. Still at least it's good to have a proper rare bird on the year list.

Here's the one from April 2014

The only birds that are on the floods presently are SHELDUCK in various numbers (peaking at 8 a few days ago) and OYSTERCATCHERS (in reduced numbers of late). Today we had a single bonus DUNLIN which dropped in briefly but as I said there's not much of a shoreline at present for small waders.

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