Thursday 5th May

The warm spring weather at last has meant that my evening visits out to check on the floods have been a real pleasure over the last few days though I must admit that the sunny conditions are eating away the flood levels which are now receding alarmingly quickly. You can tell this because suddenly there are loads of Herons and even a LITTLE EGRET all fishing away in the waters for the trapped fish.

We continue to get a good mix of birds on the floods though it's been the same species (albeit in differing numbers) each day. Today we had 5 COMMON SANDPIPERS, 9 OYSTERCATCHERS, 4 RINGED PLOVER, 1 DUNLIN and 3 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER. The Greenshank was still with us yesterday though has now moved on. There's been a noticeable increase in YELLOW WAGTAILS with four of them today and for the first time there were some female birds there as well. I think I'm right in saying that the two sexes migrate at different times so you get the males going through first and then the females follow. 2 COMMON TERN and 1 SHELDUCK completed the flood tally for today.

Earlier on in the day I nipped into Burgess Field to see if I could find any GARDEN WARBLERS and sure enough there were a couple of singing males, including one very showy individual which gave great views near the entrance gate. The male LESSER WHITETHROAT was still still about and singing in his hedge so it looks like he's decided to stay.

Hunting Little Egret

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