Tuesday 10th May

Today turned out to be one of the best days that there's been on the Meadow for a long time. It was a "perfect storm" of good prevailing southerly winds for the last few days, early May being the peak for spring migrant passage, the floods looking absolutely perfect and drizzly overcast weather all day to bring in a keep down any passing waders. 

I went out early evening as usual relishing the prospect of looking over the floods in such wonderfully overcast conditions. I always dream of turning up a good bird or two in such conditions but I didn't think that there would be quite so many as this evening. Here's the full list of what I found:

1 Bar-tailed Godwit
2 Knot in summer plumage
16 Greenshank
3 Redshank
27 Ringed Plover
11 Dunlin
4 Sanderling
1 Common Sandpiper
1 Common Tern
1 Yellow Wagtail
3 Shelduck
5 Oystercatcher

It was really a massive fall and it took quite a long time to double-check all the counts, there were just so many birds everywhere. Normally, the Godwit, or the Knot or the Sanderling on their own would be enough to make for a good day but to have all of them was just great. The only slight downer was that there wasn't the "killer bird" the one really rare one to trump it all. Still, I won't forget such as day in a hurry.

Photos & Video
I'm still working my way through all the photos and video which I'll post here as I go along so expect more updates throughout the day.

Video grab of the two summer plumage Knot
..and one of theBar-tailed Godwit

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