Tuesday 17th May

It seems that we may well have passed the peak in passage waders now. On Saturday there were still 11 GREENSHANK and 7 DUNLIN about, along with a splendid male RUFF which was great to see. However, since then there's been nothing to report apart from 5 SHELDUCK and the usual OYSTERCATCHERS. The floods I have to say are looking lovely, very nicely topped up with lots of water but all the birds should be in their breeding grounds by now so apart from one or two stragglers (like a RINGED PLOVER that was lurking in the long grass today) that's basically it. I shall keep visiting of course and you never know what might turn up but it's starting to have a bit of a feel of the summer doldrums to it. So expect more posts on flowers and insects in the coming weeks now.

The male Ruff - I shall refrain from making my usual "nice bit of Ruff" joke this time!

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