Friday 9th March

Calm but rather overcast today for my late afternoon visit to the Meadow. The birds were pretty similar to yesterday with 6 REDSHANK, 6 DUNLIN and now 2 OYSTERCATCHERS, 4 SHELDUCK, 4 GOOSDANDER & the usual PINTAIL hangers-on. The gull roost was a better than yesterday with the overcast conditions helping to bring in the birds. Pick of the day was a 2w YELLOW-LEGGED GULL and the common gull passage continued with 2 adults this evening. There were a few other birds which I had to scrutinise carefully and think about: a very small 2w herring gull had me wondering about ring-billed gull for a while and a very clean-headed 2w herring gull had me thinking about Caspian though in both cases I managed to come to the correct conclusion eventually.

I realise that I'd not yet included a photo of any common gulls
during their spring passage so here are a couple of adults.

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