Tuesday 13th March

Overcast all day and consequently not as warm as previous days but with hardly a breath of wind. I feel that at present I'm just reporting the same birds each day albeit with minor variations. Today as far as waders were concerned there were 7 REDSHANK, 3 DUNLIN, 1 OYSTERCATCHER and the 2 RUFF still so we've lost 2 redshank and an oystercatcher though by way of compensation there were a couple of SNIPE and a LITTLE EGRET this evening. The golden plover flock was a little over one hundred birds tonight. On the duck front there were 4 SHELDUCK, 6 GOOSANDER and 5 PINTAIL today. Another very small gull roost with nothing of note, not even any common gulls for the second night in a row. I keep thinking that there will be sand martins any day now though it's now nearly the middle of the month and there's still been no sightings.

There was just the one oystercatcher today - this
photo was taken a couple of days ago in much better light

20 sand martins went through at Farmoor today so some have finally been seen in the county.

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