Monday 26th March

I didn't get the chance to visit the Meadow over the weekend though fortunately Sydney Penner did and reported a couple of LITTLE RINGED PLOVERS for his troubles.

Today I only managed a very brief visit first thing this morning where I found 2 LITTLE EGRETS, 1 REDSHANK, 2 SHELDUCK and a single distant 1st winter YELLOW-LEGGED GULL. This great weather is not that conducive to pulling in good migrating birds though it is good soaring weather for larger species. In fact I had a possible osprey over the house during the weekend but I didn't see it for long enough or with my bins so it's going to have to remain a "possible". Talking of soaring birds, three cranes flew north from Farmoor on Sunday and then turned up at Otmoor so it's possible they may have flown over Port Meadow airspace though this is of course pure speculation. Still it's worth keeping an eye on the skies since, as previously discussed, Port Meadow is on a good migration route along the river.

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