Monday 5th March

A sunny but very breezy day today. Highlight of the day was a LITTLE EGRET (the first of the year) by the North Channel though it didn't linger too long. The redshank seemed to have moved on (unless they were down by the river) but the OYSTERCATCHER was still about as were a couple of DUNLIN. In amongst the ducks were 4 SHELDUCK, a few PINTAIL and good numbers of shoveler. The gull roost was small today with just a common gull worthy of note.

Whilst out on the Meadow I met up with a photographer who was doing a project on common land and we got chatting. He'd mentioned how exciting it was to see all the gulls go up and whilst I normally complain bitterly if anyone puts up the roost whilst I'm trying to view it, today as I was about to go anyway and there didn't seem to be much about I suggested that he might like to do so deliberately in order to get some shots. It was quite something to see the entire roost go up and whilst a portion flew off in a huff to Farmoor about half of them eventually settled down again in a different spot. I took a few snaps with the super-zoom just for fun.

This sort of behaviour is of course generally very strongly discouraged!
(as usual with all my photos, click to enlarge if you wish)

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