Friday 22nd February: Glaucous Gull Still

The floods have retreated back to their usual shape by now so viewing the evening gull roost is much easier than when it's in "lake mode". This evening there was a reasonably sized roost with the adult GLAUCOUS GULL dropping in once again. Apart from this there were several YELLOW-LEGGED GULLS of various ages to admire. As far as ducks were concerned, PINTAIL numbers have reduced but the four SHELDUCK were still about and about 10 or so GOOSANDER came in to roost. On the wader front Mary Gregory reported the 5 REDSHANK still about along the river and there were four DUNLIN in amongst the Golden Plover flock.

The adult Glaucous Gull really is a gorgeous bird

Looking at a close-up of the bill it appears to have a dark smudge on the upper mandible above the gonys spot. Unlike Herring Gulls, Glaucous Gulls only have three immature years before adult plumage but with no dark markings in the wings at all, perhaps this is something like a fourth winter bird.

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