Tuesday 12th February: Yet Another Caspian Gull!

It was less windy this evening for my visit up to the Meadow though still very cold. The floods are still in "lake mode" so once more it was a slog up to the Poplar Trees for the best viewing spot, today in the company of Liam Langley. This effort was well rewarded though with yet another 1w CASPIAN GULL, a different individual from the other three. That's now the fourth different bird that's turned up in five days - truly remarkable when in the past I feel lucky to find one or two birds in the whole winter gulling season. If you add that to the four birds that we had at the end of last year then the Meadow is now amassing quite a reasonable Caspian tally for this season.

Tonight's Caspian Gull

The roost was relatively modest and apart from our star bird there was little else of note on the gull front. The usual ducks were about including 30+ PINTAIL, 6 GOOSANDER and a few GADWALL. Waders were well represented with the BLACK-TAILED GODWIT still, a heard-only REDSHANK, 2 RUFF (courtesy of Liam), a single DUNLIN and a reasonable flock of 400 or so Golden Plover. At dusk we were treated to not one but two LITTLE OWLS calling to each other. I also forgot to mention another KINGFISHER sighting from yesterday.

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