Thursday 7th February: Two Glaucous Gulls!

Fortunately yesterday's strong winds had completely gone for my last hour of daylight visit to the Meadow this evening and it was remarkably calm as well as feeling warmer. Despite having a bit of a cold I was keen to visit the roost as I wanted to see if yesterday's star white-winged gull was still around. Not only was it still about (though not picked out until quite late on) but a cracking adult GLAUCOUS GULL was also in the roost. Found by Liam Langley (who also re-found the juvenile bird tonight), it was the star of what was a relatively modest roost though numbers started to build as the light finally faded. Apart from that, there were several hundred Golden Plover this evening and Liam also reported a RUFF. In addition there were seven GOOSANDER which came in to roost in amongst the usual ducks.

The adult Glaucous Gull this evening

To add to the bonanza of good birds today, I had the pleasure of spotting three WAXWINGS from my study window today, sitting in a tree in a neighbour's garden. Unfortunately they didn't stay long but flew off to the North. It's nice to know that they're still in the area and it might be worth checking out any remaining berry bushes.

Some video footage of the adult bird

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