Friday 8th February: Glaucous Gull Still

It was rather a sociable visit to the Meadow today with six birders (myself, Tom Wickens, Liam Langley, Steve Goddard, Alex Martin and one other) all viewing the gull roost from the west bank of the river tonight. Fortunately the adult GLAUCOUS GULL obliged by turning up though as the weather was reasonably good it wasn't until quite late it appeared. Glaucous Gulls of this age are very rare in the county which is partly why it's attracting so much interest - usually it's 1st or 2nd winter ones that we get.

Other birds noted this evening were 1 RUFF in amongst the Lapwings, 3 DUNLIN with 300+ Golden Plover, at least 30 PINTAIL, several GOOSANDER and a KINGFISHER seen briefly.

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