Monday 11th February: Caspian Gull & Little Owl

The recent trend of good gulls is starting to draw some regular extra visitors to the Meadow gull roost which is really great: it's often a lonely vigil that I undertake each evening so having some company is wonderful. Tonight I had the pleasure of the company of Liam Langley, Badger & Peter Law though we had to slog through the mud all the way up to past the Poplar Trees this evening as the floods have gone back into "lake mode" with the overnight rain. Nevertheless we were rewarded for our efforts by a fine 1w CASPIAN GULL which doesn't look like one of the Friday birds and according to Jason it was also present on Saturday when he visited. Try as we might though we couldn't pull out any white-wingers.

We're enjoying a real glut of Caspian Gulls at present

Also present this evening was a BLACK-TAILED GODWIT (the first of the year), 3 DUNLIN, a good flock of Golden Plover as well as a few GOOSANDER. The highlight of the day for me though was to hear a LITTLE OWL calling at close quarters in the field behind us - it's great to get this species on the Patch Year List again.

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