Sunday 8th May to Saturday 14th May

I returned to the patch to find the floods waters still reassuringly full so there must have been some decent rain here while I was away. However, looking at the bird reports on Going Birding there's been nothing unusual to grip me off during my absence. On the wader front we had one more BAR-TAILED GODWIT on Sunday 8th and then a steady passage of DUNLIN (peak count 4) and GREENSHANK (3) and one RINGED PLOVER. The OYSTERCATCHERS have still been around (though there were 4 yesterday so a couple must have dropped in) and there was a surprise brief visit by a CURLEW yesterday evening. Apart from that there have been a few YELLOW WAGTAILS still with at least one female BLUE-HEADED in amongst them. On the duck front there have been one or two SHELDUCK and a few gadwall still about. The NUTHATCH still seems to be about by the river and one COMMON TERN was reported.

There's still a couple of weeks of May left in which we could get something good, a Temminck's stint at least I would hope! My thanks go to Richard Foster for his sterling work in keeping up his visits to the Meadow and also to James Grundy.

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