Saturday 11th February

The last couple of days the floods have remained largely frozen with only a few birds trying to eke out a living on them - the highlight on Friday there was 5 PINTAIL. In the mean time the Castle Mill Stream has continued to host various refugee water birds including the TUFTED DUCK, a few wigeon and teal, a couple of PINTAIL, a cormorant and yesterday the three GOOSANDER were back.

One of the two drake goosander on the Castle Mill Stream

Loads of winter thrushes around, including more in my garden. It's interesting to note how when it gets really cold, the local blackbirds all head to a small cherry tree on Kingston Road where they sit there all day munching away on the fruit. I've seen up to four of them in this rather small tree. However they've nearly finished all the fruit and I was wondering where they would go to next though fortunately some warmer weather should be on it's way in the next couple of days so they can go back to their usual feeding patterns.

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