Friday 26th October

I ended up paying a couple of visits to the Meadow today as I've done something to my back which requires lots of walking to try and loosen it. Making the best of the circumstances I thought that I'd check for the Barnacle Geese this morning though at 9 a.m. there was no sign of them. By way of compensation though I did spot a splendid adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULL loafing on the North Shore with some Lesser Black-backed's. The golden plover flock seems to have grown even more in numbers and the 6 attendant DUNLIN are still there. SNIPE numbers continue to remain much smaller in the absence of any mist. There were a few flocks of fieldfares going over as well as some light skylark passage. No news on the SE Owl so far though if anyone sees it this evening I'll update this entry accordingly.

This morning's adult Yellow-legged gull - the first of the season here.

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  1. Hello, we moved to Wolvercote recently and have been following your blog with interest! Our birding skills aren't as good as yours, but we believe we saw a handful of barnacle geese out on the water today (midday-ish), as well as a pair of bar-tailed godwits and a lone ruff.

    There was also an albino egyptian goose looking very conspicuous amongst the greylags towards the south of the meadow!

    Jodie & Joe