9th January

I went out for a run around the Patch mid afternoon today. The floods were looking fantastic in the sunshine and were absolutely covered in birds with ducks, geese and a large contingent of gulls everywhere you looked. The waters have gone down enough for there to be a nice island of grass along the east bank of the river and along this strip the BARNACLE GEESE were still about. A count today produced 47 or so, so I must have mis-counted previously (unless a few more have come in). The four BAR-HEADED GEESE were still about but many of the other geese were tucked up asleep so I didn't bother looking for the White-fronts. There were two SHELDUCK about as well as quite a few PINTAIL.

At Medley Farm the piping NUTHATCH  was a welcome Year Tick, it's good to know that it's still around. Finally I ran over to the Trap Grounds to check things out as Tom Wickens had reported 3 WAXWINGS there this morning. I also wanted to have a look for the Firecrest but in the event all that I found were a couple of Bullfinches and a few Tits.

Some of the Barnacle Goose flock. You can just see part 
of the huge gull contingent in the background.

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