Monday 2nd December - Caspian Gull

It's still rather quiet on the Meadow. Over the weekend there was a RUFF on Sunday and the DUNLIN count has gone up to six birds today but it's generally the same birds doing the same thing. Of late the only variation comes in the lucky dip that is the evening gull roost. Today came up trumps when in amongst a rather small gathering was a beautiful adult CASPIAN GULL. Unlike the slightly dodgy eastern one last week this one really looked the part and because of the small numbers in the roost I was able to enjoy wonderful unobscured views of this handsome gull.

What a cracker!

The light was just about good enough for an actual photo rather than a grab. 
Fortunately it was standing rather still as the shutter speed was only 1/20 sec.

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  1. Do you think he was feeling a bit self conscious with the camera on him?