Club-tailed Dragonfly on Port Meadow

I got forwarded this e-mail message today about a male Club-tailed Dragonfly on Port Meadow. It's good to know that they are being reported more regularly here after the one that made it to the Trap Grounds last year. It may well be worth keeping an eye out along the river for further ones emerging at this time of year.

Dear Stephen  I attach a pic I took this morning I think it's a male clubtail? at port meadow (sp495079) opposite side of river to Thames path near binsey. Lastyr I took part in the clubtail survey at Abingdon but didn't see any. i' m not surveying this year but thought the record may be useful if it is a clubtail. I think it may have just emerged I saw it fly in from the river bank which is flat and sandy there. it settled next to vegetation where I photographed it.sadly a dog came and jumped at me and onto the insect and may have damaged one of its wings.i hope it recovered. yours sincerely Felicity Jenkins

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  1. Great find Felicity. It appears to be a female as the hindwings are rounded next to the abdomen rather than notched. Lets hope she is still strong enough to return in a couple of weeks to lay eggs.