New Contributor!

As I have already mentioned, my work situation doesn't allow for much in the way of birding at present. However, this is not to say that there's not been any birding going on on the Patch. In fact, thanks to the enthusiasm of Thomas Miller, we've already had a bumper crop of Caspian Gull sightings this month, to the point where other people are visiting with the express aim of trying to see one. 

I really want to keep the flow of blog posts going here so I've asked Thomas if he'd be interested in contributing his great sightings here on this blog and fortunately he's agreed. So expect plenty of lovely gull posts over the coming days. To whet your appetite, below is one of Thomas' photos which nicely illustrates the present excellent birdy state that the Meadow is in.

Caspain Gull courtesy of Thomas Miller

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