Saturday 28th January

My apologies for the lack of posts for the last couple of days but I've been bed-ridden with a nasty little cold. Today was the first day that I felt well enough to be up and about again so naturally I headed over to the Meadow though I decided not to bring my scope (standing still in all the cold weather would obviously not be good for my recuperation). Instead I took the Canon super-zoom out for a walk and as there was some nice late afternoon sunshine there were plenty of the usual birds to take photos of. In terms of actual sightings I spotted a couple of REDSHANK though I couldn't see the ruff (though I could have missed them without my scope). The golden plover flock was still a good size and duck numbers seemed improved on recent visits. All in all, nothing out of the ordinary though it was good to be back again.

Here's one of the ruff, taken a few days ago - let's hope they're still around

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