Sunday 8th January: Raven

It was a lovely morning with bright sunshine and no wind when I went for a run around the patch. I decided to visit the Trapp Grounds as well this morning in order to find a few more of the commoner species for the year list and was pleased to add bullfinch with a lovely male near the railway line. Burgess Field gave me green woodpecker and meadow pipit though I couldn't find any snipe in the usual place. On the Hinterland I managed to find a splendid RAVEN looking huge compared to his carrion crow and rook cousins so it seems the recent reports of regular sightings of this species might be accurate. A flyover skylark was yet another year tick and I was pleased to hear the Medley Farm NUTHATCH piping away so it's good to know that he's still around.

On the floods themselves the Sunday morning dogs managed to put everything up which made seeing what waders were about easier: 3 DUNLIN, 4 REDSHANK and 1 RUFF were the highlights. The two SHELDUCK were still about as were the good numbers of PINTAIL. What with the bright sunshine and the plethora of birds it was a lovely morning to be out on the Meadow.

A rubbish point & shoot photo of the raven

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