Tuesday 7th April

Spring is really kicking off now that we've into some warmer and more settled weather. I finally managed to see some Swallows for myself today when two pairs zipped north whilst I was out on the Patch late morning. I've personally yet to see any Sand Martins and we've yet to have the large counts at Farmoor that we usually get in Spring. Perhaps with this good weather we'll get a wave of them coming over now.

There have been quite a few Osprey sightings over the last few days including one that was following the Thames north from Farmoor so no doubt it flew past Port Meadow though sadly it passed through unseen.

On the floods today were 3 REDSHANK and 3 SHELDUCK though no sign of the Oystercatchers whilst I was there. The first Mallard ducklings are now on the water and looking very cute though their parents seemed quite content to let them wander off on their own so I hope that they aren't picked off.

Spring duckling on the Castle Mill Stream

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