Wednesday 22nd April

I'm back from my travels now. The only news that I heard of since my last posting was from Mary MacDougall who found the first GARDEN WARBLER of the season in Burgess Field.

Today Roger Wyatt came up trumps when he found a flock of 18 WHIMBREL which flew in whilst he was there and settled at the north end of the floods. This species is less than annual on the Meadow so I hurried down to see them as soon as Roger contacted me. Apart from that there were two LITTLE RINGED PLOVER and two RINGED PLOVER as well as two flocks of YELLOW WAGTAILS that went through, totally about a dozen birds between them. House Martins were gathering mud from the flood margins so must be nest building now.

Just some of the eighteen Whimbrel

We're fast approaching the Patch Purple Patch - the peak time for spring migration when birds come through thick and fast. It's an exciting time of year which requires multiple daily visits to the Patch as often birds don't linger. It's often during this period that we get things like Wood Sandpiper, Grey Plover and also Whimbrel. It doesn't always happen: last year it never occurred at all but I'm optimistic for this year. The floods are looking good for it though in this hot weather they're receding fast and we really need some rain to top them up. So it's time for all our Patch Watchers to be extra diligent and to get out there!

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