Thursday 12th November

I've been dutifully checking out the Meadow twice a day over the last few days, chiefly because I need to walk a lot to loosen up from a recent bad back episode. Still my increasing coverage has lead to some more birds to report. The gull roost isn't too bad considering the relatively small amount of water that we have and today I found the first YELLOW-LEGGED GULL of the season in amongst the throng. The only other gull of note was a single Common Gull during the day. 

About as rubbishy a record shot as they come of the adult Yellow-legged Gull
Whilst the Teal are nicely settled in, albeit in modest numbers, the Wigeon seem to be a bit finnicky at present - I found a small flock at first light this morning but they've not been around the rest of the time. The Lapwing are regular and a flock of 7 Golden Plover flew low over today though they didn't land. Perhaps the most interesting sighting was yesterday at last light as I was leaving from grilling the gull roost when I spotted a flock of 9 EGYPTIAN GEESE by the Aristotle Lane pool. This is a really good count for the Meadow, certainly the largest number since I've been birding it. Sadly though there was no sign of them the next day.

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