Tuesday 12th April

It's got rather quiet on the floods. It happens every year yet still surprises me each time. At the start of the month there were still quite a few winter duck around but they're all gone with only a few straggler Teal remaining. In some senses it makes it easier to spot passing migrant waders as there's not much else to distract you but it can be rather disheartening when a visit turns up almost nothing.

Yesterday there were a couple of LITTLE RINGED PLOVER, a single REDSHANK, a pair of SHELDUCK, a Gadwall, a few Shoveler and a few of the usual OYSTERCATCHERS to keep me entertained but today during a lunchtime visit there was nothing at all apart from a pair of Oystercatchers and the Shelduck still. Interestingly enough though, when Steve Goddard visited in the evening he turned up an additional 3 DUNLIN, 3 REDSHANK and 4 RINGED PLOVER so it just shows how quickly the birds can turn over there.

One of the two Shelduck

I went for a long walk all around Burgess Field and the Hinterland today and managed to get SEDGE WARBLER on the year list for my troubles. Actually it was a pair of birders whom I'd not seen before who put me on it, working its way through some blossom by the main path in Burgess Field along with a Blackap and a couple of Chiffchaffs. I also saw a Sparrowhawk and a Kestrel and heard the Wolvercote Skylark singing for myself finally. Burgess Field is presently full of singing Chiffies and Willow Warblers - it's such a lovely time of year. In the Hinterland there was just a single YELLOW WAGTAIL and a Kettle of three Buzzards soaring overhead worthy of note and I heard the NUTHATCH calling by Medley Farm again.

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