13th July

I must admit that I've not really been giving the Patch my full attention over the last few weeks: this is traditionally such a quiet time of year in the birding calendar that I've been looking elsewhere for my nature fix. Still, when I did make a visit on Monday I was rewarded with 5 BLACK-TAILED GODWITS, 2 OYSTERCATCHERS and 5 LITTLE EGRETS as well as hoards of Black-headed Gulls and just one or two larger gulls. The Godwits are a sign that in wader world it's the return passage already for those that have failed in their breeding attempts up north. As if to confirm this, the following day Stever Goddard had 3 COMMON SANDPIPER as well as 3 Oystercatchers. Given this increase in wader action I'll have to make more of an effort to visit the floods which are still looking remarkably good for the time of year though we do need some rain just to keep them topped up.

A couple of weeks ago I paid a visit to Burgess Field where despite the heavy cloud there were loads of Ringlets and Marbled Whites about - I always love to see these species at this time of year.

Marbled Whites


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