3rd July

A couple of snippets of bird news to report first of all. Some late news from the 25th when Bob Pomfret reported a GREEN SANDPIPER (possibly the same one that I saw a couple of days later) and 3 REDSHANK. I also forgot to mention a COMMON SANDPIPER on the floods on the last day of the month. Apart from that the floods are still in good shape with the regular rain keeping them well topped up.

On the plant front I went to take a look to see if I could find any CREEPING MARSHWORT about yet. Of course with the floods still being present there's not so many places to look but I managed to find some OK. For those of you who aren't familiar, this plant is only found at Port Meadow in this country though the Oxford Rare Plant Group have now established a second colony at another site nearby by way of a backup and I've been told that that colony is doing very well.

Creeping Marshwort

I also went a few weeks ago to a site at the north end of the Meadow area to catch up with the BIRTHWORT population there. This plant is so named as it was formerly used to induce labour though it's usefulness is doubtful as it's rather poisonous! Anyway, it has rather interesting flowers and this site is one of only a handful in the country where it can be seen.


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