Sunday 4th March

The only visit to the Meadow that I could make this weekend was a late walk this afternoon with my five year old son in tow. This meant that it was bins only and I couldn't linger or he would start to get cross. Anyway it was remarkably cold and windy this afternoon (where has spring gone?) so even I didn't want to hang around too much. The OYSTERCATCHER was still about as were 9 REDSHANK and about 100 golden plover. There were two SHELDUCK still about as well as a handful of PINTAIL. The gull roost looked interesting but in a brief bins only scan I couldn't find any Med gulls and the most interesting bird that I could pick out was an intermedius lesser black-backed gull.

Not black or long-winged enough to be a fuscus but
still a nice intermedius (I presume).

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