Tuesday 6th March

Thankfully the wind had dropped today and there was bright sunshine when I visited the Meadow today. No photographers today but the flusheur du jour was an overenthusiastic birder who insisted on going right up to the shoreline on his bike, clearing all the birds off to the far side of the floods though they are very used to being moved about and just carry on feeding elsewhere. The OYSTERCATCHER was still there, 7 of the REDSHANK were about (perhaps my theory about them being along the river yesterday was correct) and there were a couple of DUNLIN hanging out with about 50 golden plover and 7 lapwing. Four SHELDUCK today, still a handful of PINTAIL and three GOOSANDER (one drake) dropped in briefly though they didn't linger. The gull roost was depressingly tiny and the only point of interest was a total of 7 common gulls so perhaps some passage is going on with this species. Still no migrants though sand martins have now been reported in Newbury so they're not far off now.

Here's yesterday's little egret bracing itself against the wind

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