Wednesday 21st March

A late afternoon visit to the Meadow today on what had been a lovely spring day. The floods are starting to look increasingly empty though there is still a good contingent of wigeon and teal around as well as a few lingering PINTAIL. Tonight there was one SHELDUCK, the OYSTERCATCHER and 7 REDSHANK which were worthy of note as well as quite a good golden plover flock of at least 300 birds. The gull roost was basically non-existent this evening and I can only think that someone must have scared all the birds off before I arrived.

Now that we've passed the spring equinox it's definitely spring how ever you define it. There have been a few brimstones passing through my garden the last couple of weeks and we've got a wood pigeon on eggs in the garden as well. The male blackcap is still around and even offers up some warbling song from time to time.

There are still a reasonable number of wigeon about

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