18th April

I managed to find a window of relative dryness in the rain that dogged much of today. In fact the birding turned out to be rather good as all the (non-flood) birds were taking advantage of the respite from the rain to undertake a feeding frenzy. I've been checking out the Castle Mill Stream regularly this year hoping to find a redstart in the bushes there as one was seen there last year. So once more I gave it a try but again no luck with just the willow warbler still there. The much-extended floods were almost deserted as the few remaining ducks were enjoying the nicely wetted fresh grass of the Hinterland. After some searching around I eventually managed to find a couple of YELLOW WAGTAILS, a single LITTLE RINGED PLOVER and a very smart WHITE WAGTAIL in amongst the pieds. There were lots of hirundines around today with at least a dozen swallows hawking low over the grass with at least 3 house martins in amongst them.

One of two yellow wagtails that brightened up what was a very gloomy day

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