Wednesday 11th April

Firstly some late news from yesterday when Steve Goddard reported 14 RINGED PLOVER (a patch year tick) in with the golden plover yesterday evening.

Things are rather quiet around the county just now with the northerly wind putting a damper on migration efforts so that birds are trickling rather than flooding in at present. This is also reflected in the birds on the Meadow with not a great deal to report. In a late afternoon visit today I found 2 OYSTERCATCHERS, 2 SHELDUCK, a dozen or so gadwall, the 2 PINTAIL still around (persumably non-breeders) and a STOCK DOVE was taking a drink briefly by the flood shoreline. There were still a surprisingly large number of golden plover about with at least 600 present today. A few swallows were around including some which looked to be settling locally rather than just passing through. I also had the pleasure of my first HOUSE MARTIN of the year with one passing over the boat moorings, flashing its white rump against what was a steely grey sky. Sydney Penner also reported a DUNLIN and 3 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER earlier on today though they didn't appear to be around by the time I visited.

Swallow by the boat moorings

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