Tuesday 10th April

A mid morning run around the patch today found the floods nicely topped up after all the recent rain. They are looking very empty now with only a few lingering teal, wigeon, shoveler, gadwall and of course mallards now hanging about. The two OYSTERCATCHERS are still about but I didn't spot any other waders though without my scope I could well have missed the odd little ringed plover. Apart from that a LITTLE EGRET was the most noteworthy bird on the floods. Burgess Field was equally quiet with no new warbler species in though the chiffchaffs and blackcaps are now well established. I did come across a single STOCK DOVE, a kestrel was knocking about and it was nice to see the two green woodpeckers alive and well. Three swallows zipping over the Meadow itself were a welcome sight.

Fledglings are now starting to appear in the garden. There was a young song thrush fluttering about earlier and sadly our cat brought in the body of a recently fledged robin.

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