23rd October

I'm pleased to report that we have some embryonic floods back on the Meadow now! The recent spell of rain has left a thin sliver of water along the North Channel and a small pool near the Trap Ground allotment gate. The only birds that seem to have taken advantage of this water so far as the Golden Plover which are starting to congregate for the winter. The peak count that I've had over the last few days has been 72 birds together with a smattering of Lapwings. Linnet numbers continue to grow and a peak estimate is about 150 birds and there are modest numbers of Meadow Pipits about as well.

It's good to have the Golden Plover back at last

The first few Redwing are now back as well, mainly in the Castle Mill Stream hawthorns, which always seems to be a favourite place of theirs. On the stream itself there are now a handful of Teal, waiting in the wings for the floods to be properly restored. Adrian Gray also reports a few winter duck up at Wolvercote in the Gullet.

Whilst we have a bit of water on the Meadow now, we really need a lot more rain to turn it into proper sized floods that will last through the winter. Otherwise, sadly it's just going to dry up again.

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