Sunday 5th October

There's been a bit of excitement (for me at least) on the Meadow over the last few days. On Friday just as I was finishing an early morning walk around the Patch I saw a raptor which I initially thought was a buzzard though when I saw a notch in the tail I started to get more excited. It's dark colouring and relatively compact wings had me thinking about the possibility of a Black Kite though I never got a good enough view of it. Later the same day I saw it again and it certainly seemed dark though this time the notch in the tail looked too deep for Black Kite. 

The next day I went looking for it again though could only turn up the usual RED KITE that hangs out near the Perch Inn. So, one that got away or just me getting a couple of poor views of the usual Red Kite? Who knows! At least it's given me something to look out for on my Meadow walks.

The usual Red Kite on the Meadow earlier in the year

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