Thursday 2nd October

September was officially the driest on record which sadly certainly hasn't helped out need to re-flood the Meadow. Still, the extended Indian Summer has meant that there has been lots of insects around for the birds which seem to be around in good numbers. Meadow Pipits are accumulating nicely on the Meadow with several dozen now around and the Linnet flock numbering about one hundred birds now. A couple of dozen Lapwings are now hanging around though there have been no Golden Plover as yet. There has been a noticeable influx of Jays, with them often being seen in flight or squawking away in the trees. The highlight of the last couple of weeks has been a pair of Kingfishers which I've seen hanging around the moored boats on a couple of occasions.

One of the two Kingfishers
On the moth front it's been very quiet as well. I caught my first Sallow of the autumn overnight - these are yellow-coloured noctuids which fly in the autumn months. However numbers in the trap have dropped right off though the nights have been rather clear of late which doesn't help.

Fleur du jour: Musk Thistle
With the good weather finally due to break this weekend we might start to get some much-needed rain to start the long haul back to floodage. Fingers crossed!

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