Monday 11th May

It was all very May-ish this afternoon when I went to visit Burgess Field. As I said yesterday, the May Flower is out and smelling nice and there are flowers everywhere. I finally managed to find a LESSER WHITETHROAT when I came across a male singing away deep within the hedges. He must quite like it there because he hung around at least long enough for other people to come and see him as well. Let's hope that he stays and sets up home here. Talking of which, it appears that we have two singing male SEDGE WARBLERS on the Patch now, a real turn up after the last couple of lean years. 

Today the floods held just a single EGYPTIAN GOOSE (I think that there are two pairs and this one odd one left over), the usual 2 COMMON TERNS, 1 OYSTERCATCHER and 2 bonus SHELDUCK for a change.

I found a patch of Greater Celandine in Burgess Field this afternoon.
Despite it's name, it's in a different plant family from it's Lesser namesake.

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