Saturday 2nd May

You can tell from the sudden lack of posts that it's all gone a bit pear-shaped on the Meadow. Sadly the continued warm dry weather has wrecked havoc on the floods which are now little more than two shallow ponds surrounded by a large area of churned up mud. Hardly the habitat we need to attract in some passing waders and this has been born out by the sightings which have consisted merely of up to 5 EGYPTIAN GEESE (two more having arrived mid week), 2 COMMON TERNS and a single OYSTERCATCHER. The only other news is of a SPARROWHAWK seen soaring over the Spinney area mid week. We are forecast some more rain this coming week though sadly I think it's far too late to make any real difference now.

The usual Warblers are still around in Burgess Field of course though as yet there have been no reports of any Lesser Whitethroats, which we still need to complete the Warbler set. Fledgling birds are now starting to appear: there was a Robin fledgling in our garden today, sadly killed by one of the local cats and I came across a very sweet family of young Long-tailed Tits over in the Trap Grounds.

Three of the five Egyptian Geese

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