Thursday 21st May

We've finally managed to garner another Patch year tick when Steve Goddard found a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER in the copse in the south east corner of Burgess Field at around 8 pm this evening. This species is less than annual on the Patch and doesn't usually stay long so it was most fortuitous that Steve happened upon it when he did. I hurried down to try and see it but we couldn't find it again though it was getting rather late by then so there's an outside chance that it's still around.

No photos of the Flycatcher so here's a Swallow

The floods are nearly gone now and there's been virtually nothing of note on them of late. What with the June and July birding doldrums now nearly upon us anyway, readers should expect increasing blogging about flowers, butterflies, moths and Odonata over the coming months. By way of a taster, here are some photos.

This tiny white flower is a Cornsalad species of some kind
- they can only easily be told apart by the fruits
I found this Drinker Moth caterpillar in Burgess Field recently

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